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On behalf of Black Hills Paranormal Investigations, we want to welcome you to our website. BHPI was founded in 2007 and is proud to serve the Black Hills and its surrounding communities. Since our founding, we have grown into a professional and trusted team of paranormal researchers. In the beginning, we set out believing that to be taken as a serious paranormal investigations team it was imperative we set high standards for ourselves and our practices. Our guiding principles--critical thinking, common sense, continuing education, and a healthy dose of skepticism--have served our clients and us well.
       We believe in these principles so much that they are reflected in our bylaws. Each of our investigative team is required to maintain an updated copy. Anyone who becomes a member of BHPI must pass a thorough interview process and then successfully pass a mandatory probationary period. A BHPI investigator must not only know, but must demonstrate their knowledge of proper investigatory procedures.
       If you are looking for a paranormal investigations team that strives for the truth, then BHPI is that team. Every aspect of our investigations are free of charge. We do not charge for our investigations!
       BHPI does not enter any investigation trying to prove paranormal activity. We first look for reasonable explanations. We never use paranormal means to investigate the paranormal. This means we do not employ crystals, dowsing rods, talismans, or Ouija boards. We use electro-magnetic field meters, Infrared cameras, digital audio recorders, and common sense.
       We also understand that it is difficult to talk to complete strangers about paranormal experiences. Know that BHPI does not judge. We promise you that your case will be handled with understanding, professionalism, and confidentiality.
       We are currently updating our web page, but if you have any questions about us and our practices, please contact us on our Facebook page or you can email us at
If you are experiencing unusual activity and just want to talk to us check out our help page.

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