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The Bullock Hotel is located on Main Street Deadwood, and was built by Seth Bullock in 1894 after his and Sol Star's hardware store was once again burnt to the ground.
          Seth Bullock and Sol Star were keen entrepreneurs and when the gold rush came to the Black Hills they saw a great potential and loaded up their wagons with much needed supplies and headed to Deadwood. They arrived in Deadwood on August 1, 1876, one day before Wild Bill Hickok was gunned down.
          They promptly went to work building their hardware business. After the great fire of 1879, Bullock and Star rebuilt their business. After a fire in 1894, the only part of the structure that remained was the brick warehouse known as a fireproof. Bullock saw an opportunity to build and decided to build a luxury hotel. The hotel originally had sixty-three rooms with a bathroom on each floor. The hotel also boasted a restaurant that sat one hundred people.
          Seth Bullock was not only an entrepreneur, but Lawrence County's first sheriff. It was said Bullock never once had to use his gun in the performance of his duties. This was a rare accomplishment in Deadwood's early years let alone western law enforcement. It was said Bullock had an intensity about him and a stare that could diffuse the most intense confrontation.
          In 1884 while riding his ranch property near Belle Fourche he came across three scruffy looking characters. Bullock questioned them about their presence on his ranch property, and he learned two of the hard looking men were lawmen transporting a prisoner to prison. One of those lawmen was a future president of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt. This chance meeting started a life long friendship between Bullock and Roosevelt.
          When the Spanish-American war broke out, Bullock enlisted in Roosevelt's Rough Riders as a captain. After the war, Bullock was appointed supervisor of the Black Hills National Forrest at the suggestion of then Vice President Roosevelt. When Roosevelt became president, Bullock was invited to the 1905 presidential inauguration. That same year, President Roosevelt appointed Bullock U.S. Marshal for South Dakota.
          When Roosevelt died in 1919, Bullock was instrumental in having a monument erected in Roosevelt's honor on what is now Mount Roosevelt. Bullock was gravely ill as well and soon followed his friend in death. Bullock died September 23, 1919 at the age of seventy at his home in the Ingleside district of Deadwood, not room 211 of the Bullock hotel as most believe. Bullock had secured a plot above Mt. Moriah that had a direct view of Roosevelt's monument.

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