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If you are experiencing activity that you believe is paranormal in nature then Black Hills Paranormal Investigations is the investigative team for you. All of our services are free of charge.

    We know it is difficult to speak to complete strangers about the paranormal and their experiences. Just know that BHPI is not here to judge you or your experiences. If you contact us we can promise you that your case will be handled with understanding and professionalism.

    We have built our reputation on adhering to the use of common sense, critical thinking, and a healthy dose of skepticism. We do not enter any of our investigations trying to prove the paranormal, we enter our investigations looking for reasonable explanations. However, we understand that not every claim has a reasonable explanation and that is where we come in. We believe education is a very effective tool in combating the fear you might feel when confronted with the unknown.

    We never employ paranormal means to investigate the paranormal. This means we do not use crystals, dowsing rods, talismans, Ouija boards, or psychics. And, we do not provoke in any way.

    If you would like to find out more about us you can send us a message on Facebook or email us at Our lead investigator Mark Shadley or our case manager Maurice 'Mo' Miller will contact you promptly.

     Thank you,

    Black Hills Paranormal Investigations