Deadwood Brothels Investigation

Black Hills Paranormal Investigations

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In September 2008, BHPI was contacted by the management of the Lucky Nugget Casino about employees experiencing possible paranormal activity on the second floor. We conducted a pre-investigation interview of the witnesses and toured the second floor where the activity was alledged to have occurred.
          We listened as the witnesses told us about experiencing shadow people, having feelings of being watched, being touched or grabbed, hearing footsteps, and phantom smells of perfume.
          During our tour of the second floor we learned it was once used as brothels until 1980 when they were raided by the federal government and shut down. The buildings that sit in this section of Main Street were all built during the 1890's and into the early 1900's after a fire destroyed most of the downtown in 1894.
          We heard stories from witnesses who claimed there have been stories of paranormal activity taking place here for some time. We decided that this would be a good location to investigate and scheduled an investigation.
          On September 29, 2008 we arrived and set up our equipment. We didn't know it, but within thirty minutes of our arrival, one member of the team would have the first unexplained experience of the night.
          While conducting an EMF sweep to get a baseline reading, this investigator was by himself at one end of the second floor while the rest of the team was at the other end on a tour. As the investigator took readings, he experienced a phantom smell of perfume in one of the rooms. He exited the room and stood in the hallway, when his EMF meter spiked, and at the same time heard footsteps walking down a hallway. He called out, but received no answer. When he went to investigate, he found he was alone. Although a compelling experience, it was only a personal experience without corroborating evidence.
          Throughout the night investigators experienced shadow figures looking around door jambs, while two investigators had a shadow figure rush past them. Investigators noted abnormal EMF in certain locations that would move then disappear.
          Once we were able to review our evidence, we uncovered some compelling EVPs, and our investigators had some interesting experiences.
          We learned through our research that the brothels were located in what was once known as 'The Badlands' of Deadwood. The location where we investigated was also the site of the original Saloon #10 where 'Wild Bill' Hickok was shot and killed.
          BHPI was lucky enough to investigate this location five separate times over a period of a year. With each investigation, we became convinced more than ever that the location is paranormaly active.