Rapid City Investigation #1

          BHPI was contacted by a concerned client who told us that they were experiencing strange activity at their home. The client who we will call Jane told us that her dog would stare at different areas of the home and act strange. On one occasion while in the kitchen, Jane noticed her dog acting funny and saw a ball of light race past her. On a couple other occasions, Jane said she would see a shadow figure in the hallway near a doorway.
          Jane told us that in the basement (finished) she gets strange feelings of being watched and will notice that picture frames will be knocked over.
          Jane was in the military and now is a professional woman. She made attempts at trying to debunk what she experienced, but could not find any reasonable explanations for what she was experiencing. She contacted BHPI and asked for our help.


          The home is a relatively new build located in a new home development. It is an average home with modern amenities. An EMF sweep of the location revealed no abnormal reading. Due to the size of the home we only utilized four investigators. The client, Jane was also at the investigation along with her dog.
          We set up three static IR cameras along with digital audio recorders with the cameras. We began our investigation on the main floor. Within a few moments we could hear unusual noises coming from the basement area. We asked Jane if this was normal house sounds? She told us it was not and we noted the dog started getting agitated. It would stand at the top of the steps and stare down the stairs, but would not go any further.
          We proceeded to the finished basement and took up positions in individual rooms and conducted an EVP session. Throughout the night we continued hearing strange sounds of movement coming from the basement and the main floor. We continued to monitor the dog and noticed when these actions happened, he would alert.
          At one point two investigators were in the basement. One investigator was sitting in a room with a couch and the other was sitting in a bedroom. A loud heavy thump happened in front of an investigator sitting on the couch. The other investigators including the client heard the thump. Nothing we did could recreate the thump we heard. We later checked the USGS website to ascertain if any seismic activity had occurred, but there was no recorded event for that night. We did get audio of the thump, but no video.
          After the investigation we analyzed our audio and video and recovered some interesting results.

 This first EVP was an interesting capture. You can hear the investigators talking in the background, and at about 5 seconds in, a whispered voice comes through. We thought it sounded like "I don't want to die."

The next EVP is the loud thump we all heard. Loud Thump.

This next EVP was a little creepy. We had never heard anything like this before. We captured this EVP in a closet with a crawl space. "I'm Coming."


          Based on our experiences and attempts at trying to debunk some of the claims, we believe there to be a measure of paranormal activity taking place in the home. We made an attempt to research the property, but we could not locate any significant activity that took place on or near the property. However, this area was once an entry point to the Black Hills and this could just be the residual activity that imprinted itself on the land. When homes were built, then those living here could experience that residual activity. We did learn from Jane that her neighbors have also reported some of the same activity she has experienced as well.
          We advised Jane that it was our opinion that the activity she has been experiencing is residual in nature and benign. We told her no matter what she did, this activity will happen off and on for as long as she owns the home. Once you realize the activity can't hurt you. It will begin to blend in with the natural house sounds, and become part of the environment.
          When we left Jane she seemed more at ease. When we checked in on her a few weeks later, she told us she had a few more experiences, but now she just ignores it and goes on about her day.