Rapid City Investigation #2

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          This investigation took place in west Rapid City. The clients contacted BHPI and told us that they had been experiencing some strange, yet troubling activity. The wife claimed that she was being affected negatively by the activity including experiencing seizures and loss of consciousness. We immediately advised the wife to seek medical attention, but she claimed it was not medical in nature. The wife claimed that she had seen a woman staring out the upstairs bedroom window at her. The husband, who at first thought the activity was the overactive imagination of his wife, woke in the middle of the night to see an apparition of a woman standing over their bed.
          We learned that the home had caught fire during our initial contacts. Although somewhat damaging, the clients had decided on remodeling. During our initial contacts with the clients they claimed that they would often hear footsteps upstairs. They would investigate only to find the rooms empty. The husband checked the attic for any animals that might have settled in, but found the attic void of animal life.
          We learned the wife was a fan of some of the paranormal entertainment shows on TV and she believed there was something evil in her home. We assured her that we have as yet never experienced or investigated a claim where paranormal activity has harmed anyone. As we are not doctors, nor do we claim to be, we pleaded with the wife to seek medical attention for her seizures and bouts of unconsciousness since we believed there was an underlying medical condition for what was going on--not paranormal reasons.
          Because of the claims we heard, we decided to conduct an investigation in an effort to hopefully provide some help and solace to the wife.


          BHPI investigated the home on three different occasions. During our two investigations, the home was still under construction and our last investigation was when the home was completely remodeled.
          Prior to our first investigation, two investigators had arrived and were conducting EMF sweeps of the home. They were in the basement conducting their sweep when a metal tray was flung across the room. Both investigators went about trying to debunk the incident, however, they could not find any reasonable explanation for the activity.
          During our first investigation, the home was gutted on the inside. The walls were open to the support beams and studs. We set up our command center in the mudroom at the back of the home and set up static IR cameras throughout the home. We placed an IR game camera in the basement in an attempt to capture a repeat of the activity there.
          Throughout the night, investigators experienced hearing footsteps, and on one occasion, an investigator had a loud bang happen next to him.
          When we analyzed the evidence for the nights investigation we were surprised to have captured on the game camera located in the basement wires moving on their own. We returned to the house and tried to debunk the movement of the wires by having someone walk and stomp on the main floor directly above the wires. The wires never moved. We thought that the wires might have moved when the door to the basement was opened and closed. The difference in air pressure might be responsible. We opened and closed the door, but nothing we did would cause the wires to move. We finally grabbed the wires and moved them physically, but could not recreate the movement of the wires we saw on video. We checked with the USGS website to determine if seismic activity happened on the night of the investigation, however, there was no seismic activity noted. The home sits in a residential neighborhood and we determined no heavy trucks or traffic was present during this activity. There was no wind that night, and because it was cold out, there was no window open in the basement. We could only determine that we either have not determined a reasonable explanation or it could be paranormal in nature.
          Our following investigations were interesting as well. Two investigators were on the second floor when they heard what they described as a pack of elephants stomping around on the main floor where the other investigators were located. These investigators came downstairs and advised the rest of the team their movements were contaminating their investigation. It was learned that no one was moving and when one investigator went to play back his recording to prove his claim--none of the stomping or noises were recorded. The recording was completely quiet. None of the investigators downstairs heard the stomping.
          This same anomaly was experienced by two other investigators on another investigation when they were in the basement. They heard stomping on the main floor and came upstairs to complain about the noise. The only investigators in the home were at the command center and sitting down. The investigators manning the command center had not heard the stomping and none of the recorders had documented the anomaly.
          During the last investigation, the remodeling of the home was complete. When we arrived the clients sat with us in the living room discussing our past two investigations. As we talked, we were interrupted by very clear sounds of footsteps walking across an upstairs room above us. The clients said no one else was in the home. We investigated, and found no one. Our clients said they have started getting used to hearing this type of activity.


          We learned the home was built in the early 1900's and was part of a larger parcel of land that was later sub-divided and turned into a housing development.
          Our client claimed that a family who owned the property originally had experienced tragedy. The husband was a drunk and had been known for beating his wife and son. The current owners claimed the man killed his wife in a fit of drunken rage and buried her in the basement then had a concrete slab poured over the shallow grave.
          During our research, we could not find any records of who this person could be or that this incident ever occurred. We did uncover that this property was owned by a early Rapid City family who owned a rather large parcel of land and now the area where this home is located is named after that early family. Most of the records we found listed some members of the family, but most records have been lost to time.
          We did learn that in Rapid City's early history, this area was occupied by a few hearty souls, but after immigrants coming to the area were killed in an Indian attack, this settlement was abandoned and some moved into Rapid City proper or left the area all together.


          After we analyzed our evidence, we uncovered some interesting captures. This first audio is interesting in the fact that we hear what sounds like the name Kara being whispered. When we played this to our client, they showed us a piece of board that they recovered in the walls while remodeling with the name Kara written on it.
          This next audio capture was interesting in that it sounded Native American. We contacted Mr. Ernie LaPointe, great-grandson of Chief Sitting Bull. He listened to the audio and told us it sounded like the dialect of the Nakota. He seemed to think it sounded like "What are you saying" or "What do you mean".
          This EVP sounds like it is calling out two names. What is a little creepy about this is these are the names of two of the investigators who were at the investigation, Mark and Mo.
          We decided to provide the game camera video of the wires moving. As we indicated, we could find no reasonable explanation for the wires moving. You can see some of our investigators in the basement when this happens, but we learned our presence was not what made the wires move.

          After we revealed our findings to our clients, we saw that the wife appeared much more relaxed. We explained that we still felt her physical reactions to what she believed to be paranormal was medical in nature, and made every effort to get her to seek medical treatment. We told them that it appeared this activity was benign and most if not all was residual in nature. However, we do believe that the manipulation of objects could reflect intelligence, we do not believe it to be malevolent. Only an attempt to get their attention. Once they acknowledge the fact the activity is occurring, and cannot hurt them will they learn to coexist.

          Not long after conducting the investigations, the family moved out of the home. They report they no longer experience anything paranormal in nature. The wife has not experienced further seizures or unconsciousness.