Spearfish Investigation #1

          BHPI was contacted by a single mother about strange activity taking place in her duplex apartment. She was fearful that her daughter was going to be negatively affected by the activity that was taking place.
          Our client told us that she was experiencing seeing a little girl in her bedroom and in other parts of the home as well. She told us that strange knocks came from her daughter's bedroom when they would be sitting in the living room together. She said at first she thought it might be coming from outside, but when she went to investigate, no one was near the home. On another occasion the client and her niece was in the living room playing with her daughter while she was in the kitchen. She heard her niece cry out, and when she went to investigate saw her glass top coffee table levitating upside down, then slam to the floor breaking the glass. The client said neither her niece or daughter were near the coffee table.
          The client also told us that items sitting on the counter top in the kitchen will go flying off onto the floor for no reason at all. She also reported seeing shadow figures in the hallway leading to the only bathroom.
          BHPI makes cases involving children a priority. We never want a child to be negatively affected by paranormal activity. If we can mitigate the myths surrounding the paranormal, and speak candidly, children will lose their fear.
          Since the home was a small two bedroom one bath duplex apartment, we utilized three seasoned investigators, Mark Shadley, Maurice 'Mo' Miller, and Josh Wennes. We set up three static IR cameras that partially covered the kitchen, and hallway leading to the bathroom. The second camera was set up in the living room and the third was placed in the daughter's bedroom. We placed our digital voice recorders with the cameras. We conducted an EMF sweep of the home, but found no abnormal reading that could be responsible for some of the claims of activity. Prior to beginning our investigation, we learned from our client that the upstairs tenants were away, and would not return.
          Once we began our investigation, we began hearing knocking sounds coming from the daughter's room. We sent one investigator to walk around the complex, while the two others checked out the room. There was no one around the complex, and the room was quiet and clear. We attempted an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) session. When asking for something to happen, we experienced the knocking again. We looked for the source of the knocking, but ruled out water pipes or heating/cooling ducts.
          At one point during the night, investigators Miller and Wennes were standing in the living room when they both witnessed a ball of visible light form in the entry way into the kitchen and move across the opening then extinguishing. They reported it looked like a fourth of July sparkler. Unfortunately, our camera angles were such that they did not capture the anomaly. There is such a thing as ball lightening, but this investigation took place during a clear winter night, and no thunderstorms were present. We are completely stumped by this experience and cannot explain it.
          During another point in the night, investigator Shadley was sitting at the kitchen table when he heard a metallic noise come from the kitchen counter. He approached to investigate and found one of his fasteners on an equipment case had been opened. He explained he made a conscious effort to close and fasten all of his cases because of the client's claim of items being thrown off the counter top.
          Later in the night, all three investigators were sitting in the living room. We had closed the daughter's bedroom door and sat discussing the case up to this point. We all heard the door knob rattle as if someone on the other side was trying to open the door. We went into the room, but once again found no reasonable explanation for this experience. Later, investigator Wennes called out to the other investigators who were investigating the master bedroom. He claimed he glanced toward the daughter's bedroom doorway that was now open and saw a tall dark figure standing in the doorway.
          As we seemed to be getting a lot of activity related to the daughter's bedroom, we all took turns sitting in the room conducting EVP sessions. When investigator Wennes took his turn he received a rather interesting and compelling EVP that corroborates what the client had experienced with a little girl.
          After the investigation at the client's home, we analyzed our evidence we obtained a few interesting EVP's. Our video evidence was negative.
          After discussing this investigation within the team confines and based on the experiences and evidence we did capture, we believe there is a level of paranormal activity taking place in the client's home. It seemed to us that the daughter's bedroom was the focal point of that activity. It was almost as if the energy was playful, and at no time during our investigation did we feel uncomfortable or afraid. As for the taller dark shadow the investigator witnessed, we do not have sufficient evidence to conclude if this was paranormal. If it is it did not appear threatening. As for the incident with the coffee table the client experienced, we believe the niece might be the focal point of this poltergeist activity. To make a full and complete justification of this thesis would entail additional study.
          As for the door movement, we did check the USGS site and there was no seismic activity reported on that day.

These first two captures are when the door to the daughter's bedroom began moving. You can hear us in the background commenting.



This next EVP was when investigator Wennes went into the daughter's bedroom. We were joking with him about some of the creepy looking dolls that were in the room. You will hear Josh speak about not holding the doll and then what sounds like a little girl asking "Why?".


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