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Brothel Investigation EVPs

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These Electronic Voice Phenomena or EVPs were collected over a course of five separate investigations at the brothels located in the infamous Badlands of Deadwood, South Dakota.

It is safe to say we collected hundreds of hours of recordings and only gleaned maybe two minutes of actual recordings of sounds and voices that we could not debunk. We spent countless hours examining these recordings in an effort to find a reasonable explanation. Our investigative protocols forbid us from presenting any evidence that does not pass this rigorous review.

These EVPs are not run through any filters, we simply turn up the sound. These are the raw recordings.

Some of these recordings were captured on analog tape recorders, and you will hear the difference between analog and digital. These EVPs were taken in our early years of investigations and we now employ only digital recorders.

Madame Gwendolyn

Disembodied voice

A women's laugh

Female rant

Child's voice

Brothel Photographs

This is a photograph of Main Street Deadwood. This is the area that was once referred to as the 'Badlands'. The second floor of these buildings once house the infamous brothels that were shut down in 1980.


Many people claim to witness apparitions looking out of the second floor windows of the old brothels. We suspect it is the mannequins they see instead of a ghostly figure.


We heard several claims about this hallway. Some have heard boot steps walking while one casino worker claimed she was held against the wall by some unknown force. During our first investigation of the brothels, an investigator heard boot steps in this hallway. When he went to investigate, he found no one there.

The same hallway looking toward Main Street. Note the mannequin in the window.


Two investigators experience a shadow figure in this hallway.


These last two hallways continued to provide investigators with interesting experiences. We experienced seeing shadow figures and whispering. This was the area where we obtained the voices of children on a couple EVPs.


We in no way claim that we captured an apparition or ghost in this photograph. We simply provide it as an unknown anomaly that was captured during our investigation. This photograph has left us all scratching our heads. You can see what appears to be someone standing at the top of the stairs. Where the head should be is a flare from the brass railing. We took several photos of these stairs throughout the investigation, but this is the only one that we captured this anomaly. The witnesses told us they see a small boy playing on these steps, and this photo tends to lean toward a small person. We present this to you to view and make up your own minds. We know some of you will believe and others will question the veracity of the photo. We ask that if anyone out there has a reasonable explanation for this photo, please contact us at We appreciate any constructive feedback we get.


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