Black Hills Paranormal Investigations

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Investigations Page

BHPI has conducted several investigations in and around the Black Hills. We specialize in residential investigations where we are able to help people. We dedicate ourselves to educating the public so that we can hopefully take away the mystique and fear of the unknown.
       In some of these cases, we can only report on certain aspects of the investigation. This is done to maintain the client's anonymity.
       When listening to the electronic voice phenomena (EVP) recordings understand that we do not put these recordings through electronic filtering of any kind. We only turn up the volume. You are hearing these as we did--raw and unfiltered.
       EVPs are difficult to decifer. With that in mind we make no claim that these recordings are absolute proof that a particular location is haunted. That goes for all of our evidence. All we ask is keep an open, but skeptical mind.

Deadwood, South Dakota Investigations
Brothel Investigation
Bullock Hotel Investigation
Historic Adams House Investigation

Lead, South Dakota Investigations
Historic Homestake Opera House

Rapid City, South Dakota Investigations

Rapid City Area Investigation #1

Rapid City Area Investigation #2

Spearfish, South Dakota

  Spearfish Area Investigation #1

Wyoming Investigations

Occidental Hotel Buffalo, Wy.

Private Residence, Gillette, Wy.